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    World Journal of Traditional Chinese Medicine (WJTCM) is a quarterly, peer-reviewed open access journal (ISSN 2311-8571, CN10-1395/R) and sponsored by the World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies (WFCMS). It is also the official journal of GP-TCM Association. Aims & Scope: WJTCM will be dedicated to report the research progress in clinical efficacy and action mechanism of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Chinese materia medica, acupuncture and moxibustion to doctors and biomedical researchers around the world, so as to provide new thoughts and methods for solving complex diseases and knotty diseases. more>>

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      Shao Li, Yi-Tao Chen, Qing-Yang Ding, Jian-Ye Dai, Xian-Chun Duan, Yuan-Jia Hu, Xin-Xing Lai, Qing-Fei Liu, Ming Niu, Rong-Wu Xiang, Zheng Xiang, Hai-Yu Xu, Xin Wang, Hong-Jun Yang, Kuo Yang, Ming Yang, Hai-Yang Yu, Bo Zhang, Peng Zhang, Qian-Ru Zhang, Hui-Hui Zhao, Jing Zhao



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